Would you like to share your pregnancy story & have a beautiful baby shower, absolutely free?

Are you having a baby? Are you aged 16 – 25? Would you like a dream baby shower?

Do you want to share your pregnancy story?

Firecracker Films are making a landmark documentary for BBC3, following young Brits embarking on one of the most remarkable journeys of their lives – having a baby.

We’re helping Firecracker look for individuals or couples, aged between 16-25, who are having a baby and want to share their story, and would like to be filmed over several months, capturing the highs and lows along the way. What’s more, if you are interested in having a baby shower, Before Baby can provide you with a complimentary baby shower for you and your friends/family within London/South East if featured within the programme.

If you’d like to know more, whatever your stage of pregnancy, please contact


 All correspondence will be dealt with in complete confidence and by contacting us you are not making a commitment to take part in the final programme.


A sign of the times? New Facebook Status Update allows you to add “expecting” to your profile

Following the new settings allowing you to add family to your Facebook profile, Facebook now allows you to let your friends know that you are pregnant.

Try it now… (if you’re expecting that is, otherwise this might cause a few raised eyebrows). Just edit your profile settings and select “Expected: Child” from a list of available options. It will appear published in the news feed so that everyone that you add on Facebook, friends, family, acquaintances, work colleagues, or added ‘just because” that you are in the family way.

So, has life really become so impersonal that it is now acceptable to pass on news that once was only for the ears of your nearest and dearest to share it with all of your four hundred friends on Facebook? Don’t get me wrong – I’m all for celebrating your pregnancy, but isn’t it a tad crass to do it with a simple status update?

Many have already argued that a baby is more than a mere “setting” on your profile – pregnancy is a lifechanging wonderful experience that deserves a bit more of an announcement and fanfare than this…e.g. a (babyshower)  and bypasses that wonderful moment when you can see the look of shock on your work colleagues faces that haven’t just eaten all the pies. And that appears to be the resounding sentiment – is it’s a sign that things have just gone that little bit too far….

But why the sudden panic…no one bats an eyelid when your relationship status changes “to engaged” – it’s just another way to share good news with family and friends, and it does help to distinguish friends who have gained a pound or do to those up the duff. It’s simply a means to share important information that matters to you and those around you.

But maybe it’s because I am from the pre-internet generation, from days when people sent postal invitations and not evites, had real friends not followers, and ironically, when people read books not blogs that some may find the whole practice slightly impersonal….but maybe I just need to dust off my slippers and get with the times…

Chrystal x

AKA newly self-confessed blogging addict