Music to our ears: Baby shower invitations the Kim and Kanye way!

Kim Kardashian’s musical baby shower invitations

As the world eagerly awaits the royal baby, it appears there could be a celebrity princess on the way in the form of a little girl for reality TV star Kim Kardashian and hip hop artist Kanye West, if their pink baby shower invitations are to go by!

In true Kim K style, Kim’s invitations were out of the ordinary – so we’re guessing it will be no ordinary baby shower! Though the sex of baby is yet to be revealed, the invitations included pink hinting strongly at the baby’s sex, and clearly dad-to-be’s career may have played a key part in their masterminding as the invitations came in music boxes, with spinning ballerinas dancing to Kanye’s song “Hey Mama”. Have a listen!

Unfortunately, Kim and Kanye weren’t the first to to inject a little music into their baby shower invitations – we’ve always loved helping guests make their parties personally unique and their invitations unforgettable. So if you’re looking for a great way to inform your guests of your bump bash, whilst musical spinning boxes may be reserve of celebrities, at Before Baby you can surprise your guests with a personalised online invitation with your own make like “Kimye” and include a video or song directly on your invitation page so guests can be serenaded whilst they reply, or let us host a baby shower karaoke game at the party!

Apart from being uber-flash, it’s a great way to manage your party guestlist as all the RSVP’s can be made online confidentially and fly straight to your inbox and can even include links to your facebook page, wishlist ideas and discounts on our fabulous baby shower gifts, maps to your venue or home and an online message board for comments from your well wishers and to update guests with all the party details. Pages can also include a photo of yourself, or even your scan photo!


What’s more, a custom themed online invitation page is included completely free of charge with all of our baby shower packages! We also provide beautiful handmade and personalised invitations from just £1.80 per guest too if you’d like to keep it traditional and surprise guests by post.

The baby shower plans have not yet been revealed, but fellow musical mums-to-be Beyonce and Fergie are on the guest list. The party hostesses Kim’s mother Kris Jenner and eldest sisters Kourtney and Khloe have hinted to guests to attend wearing “garden chic” – perhaps a beautiful afternoon tea party is in order to celebrate the summertime new arrival we think… perhaps they’ve had a sneaky peek at our fabulous Midsummer Tea party package for ideas!

For a Kim Kardashian inspired baby shower afternoon tea , check out our Midsummer Tea and Spa Shower packages both including afternoon tea, games, and free personalised online invitation page service.


Everybody’s talking about….The Gender Reveal Craze

What do you think? As lovers of all things that come ‘before baby‘, but as with everything “baby shower” in the UK, there’s always a bit of controversy. Isn’t it tacky? Is it bad taste? Is it bad luck? Isn’t it just very un-British?

Take a bite into one of our fabulous gender reveal cakes with coloured sponge to announce babys gender
Tea Time: Take a bite into one of our fabulous gender reveal cakes with coloured sponge at an afternoon tea baby shower to announce babys gender

We at Before Baby are proud pioneers of the beautiful UK baby shower: non tacky, Tasteful with a capital T, and our take on the gender reveal craze is no exception. Last year, due to popular demand, we were happy to add gender reveal cakes and cupakes to our list of amazing extras for our baby shower packages for mums-to-be, plus games and activities such as a fun photobooth and guessing games to allow mums to celebrate their pregnancies in any way they felt comfortable to. But just since everyone’s talking about it again here’s our two cents (or should I say pennies?) worth on the subject:

Timing is key

Just as we advise with any of our baby showers, it’s so important to get the timing of the baby shower gender reveal just right. Many gender reveal parties occur as early as the dating scans, and this has been slammed by many midwives as irresponsible. Perhaps for obvious reasons, it just seems too early to celebrate your pregnancy at this point whilst many are still weighed down by superstition and the natural fear that accompanies motherhood to worry incessantly about the health and well being of your baby (which is not just a part of pregnancy – it continues everyday after birth too, and I’m told carries on till your child is way into their thirties/forever too!). It’s usually quite late in the day when a mum-to-be’s full scale nesting instinct properly kicks in (when suddenly every other word that comes out of mum to be’s mouth contains the crucial “b’s” baby, bugaboo, and bumbo seat) and it’s probably about this time, that it’s appropriate to have a gender reveal or baby shower – when mum to be is ready. However – important point- do not hold the shower too late – giving birth is not a fun baby shower activity so we’d recommend in approximately months 6-7 of pregnancy are ideal!

Keep it Lighthearted

baby shower photoprops offered by Before Baby
Before Baby have great ways to have a more lighthearted “British” gender reveal!

Whilst we proudly offer gender reveal cakes and gender based guessing games on demand, there is always the possibility of having the “reveal”…without the big reveal! Why not play games and discuss the sex of baby in advance at a party? – it’s half the fun to guess, plan and giggle about every aspect of the newborn we’re all eager to meet: characteristics, personality, features including gender,  but hold on a second!  In this age of genetically handpicking babies and with many parents with such strong feelings about the gender of the baby (e.g. if they’ve been trying for a boy for 10 years to find out “… it’s a girl!!!” in front of friends and family) just wouldn’t be appropriate in many cases to have a gender reveal, although that doesn’t mean you might not be able to have fun and games around the idea. Just don’t have to take it so seriously – no dream crushing –  no winners and no losers, after all we might all joke that baby might have mum to be’s curly hair at the shower, but no one actually cares whether we know the answer to this before they leave the party – they’re happy to let mother nature do the reveal, naturally. No one really has to reveal the sex at the party if they don’t want to.

Why not?

If mum to be and partner do know the sex and agree they want to share it with nearest and dearest with a gender reveal shower …what’s the fuss really all about? After all, isn’t it just the same as telling everyone the gender of the baby over the telephone, (or via email or Facebook) just a lot more fun!  Just because the big announcement is taking place at a party, it makes it no less personal. In fact, one might even go so far as to suggest it’s more practical: get everyone in the same place at the same time and answer the question on everyone’s lips simultaneously. It merely just saves on time and phonecalls!

Clearly, the best rule of thumb is that every stage of the baby shower should be about celebrating baby in the way that is appropriate to mum-to-be and her friends. The theme, the games, and activities like a gender reveal should be planned around her feelings and needs and what she feels comfortable sharing.

Thinking of gender revealing?

Stacey Solomon kept baby's gender under wraps with our Girls Playground shower
Stacey Solomon kept baby’s gender under wraps with our neutral Girls Playground shower

Before Baby offer fabulous gender reveal extras that can be added to any of our fabulous baby shower packages such as gender reveal cakes and photoprops, including our neutral packages, perrennial favourite Midsummer Tea Shower, and the new kid on the block Cookies and Cream Shower and our Girls Playground shower recently enjoyed by celeb Stacey Solomon.

Behind the scenes at the Before Baby Photoshoot….

Behind the scenes

At our latest photoshoot, our models talk baby showers, babies and maternity wear in a boutique café, Betty Blythe in West London.

Our models looking stunning at the Betty Blythe Pantry
Our models looking stunning at the Betty Blythe Pantry - from left Angelica, Amelie, Kelly, Carla, Marie Claire, Petra & Febe

As the girls were beautified by fabulous hair and make up artists Nibras and Sandra we had time for a quick chat (and some cupcake eating) before getting down to some serious posing with our fantastic photographer Loraine Ffrench.

“Women with a bump can still look sexy”

Sipping on a milkshake in a gorgeous little alcove of the underground tea room at Betty Blythe, blonde beauty Petra (below) is wearing a vibrant red dress with fabulous ruched butterfly detail from Pretty Pregnant which is perfect for our fun-loving Girls Playground funfair themed baby shower. Pictured below with our another lovely lady in red, Angelica, the pair clearly show that as Angelica says,“…women with a bump can still look sexy.” Angelica has been to a baby shower before in South Africa, but none quite like our amazingly popular Girls Playground theme baby shower.

Angelica & Petra sip on milkshakes
Angelica & Petra wearing Pretty Pregnant's Imogen Butterfly dress sip on Girls Playground milkshakes

Unsurprisingly, the Girls Playground is model Amelie’s favourite baby shower theme too. Complete with vintage pick and mix bar, popcorn, chocolate fountain, milkshakes or cocktails, it’s perfect for the less traditional girl who’s fun at heart – just like our Amelie! She likes the idea of having a baby shower and she’d definitely want “plenty of games and wouldn’t want to take myself too seriously.”

Star Shower: Amelie in Pretty Pregnant's Short Satin dress
Star Shower: Amelie in Pretty Pregnant's Short Satin dress

Amelie’s gorgeous black satin dress from Pretty Pregnant is perfect for a glamorous Star Shower – our makeover package with canapés and cocktails – she loves her dress so much she said wear it even if she wasn’t pregnant, saying that the Pretty Perfect range is …perfect for women working in the city” stylish and versatile, and certainly a far cry from the mumsy ideas of maternity wear she’d imagined.

Febe is now 7 months pregnant and it suits her – she’s wearing a great outfit for the workplace – a wonderful wrap dress by Pretty Pregnant that  comfortably compliments her growing shape, Luckily for her, she’s escaped the trials of morning sickness and has a wonderfully stress-free pregnancy, and is looking forward to being a mum and bringing in the new year her bundle of joy. Febe was worried that maternity clothes could look frumpy, but we think she looked amazing in this outfit – it’s great for everyday wear or even a Midweek Mini office baby shower.

Carla tucks into our Gender Reveal cake
Carla tucks into our Gender Reveal cake

Just before having a slice of baby blue gender reveal cake, we caught up with model Carla who told us she’d never been to a baby shower before, but likes the idea of having a Spa Shower with pampering for mum and guests to perk up a pregnancy: saying, “it’s nice to have some pampering for Mum – I’d pick one for myself.”

Febe in the Emma Dress - Midweek Mini: office baby shower
Febe in the Emma Dress - Midweek Mini: office baby shower

Baby Shower Afternoon Tea: The perfect dress, the perfect venue

Kelly, says, ‘I love the outfits – there’s so much more choice for women now when it comes to maternity clothes. Well dressed pregnant women look amazing!” She’s a big fan of our Midsummer Tea baby shower, is ideal for a traditional British take on a traditional baby shower, and fits the surroundings at Betty Blythe perfectly.

We’ve also officially found our ideal dress for baby shower afternoon tea – the beautiful Marie Claire wears the stunning Tina dress by Pretty Pregnant below. We absolutely love the botanical print -the fabric perfectly compliments a growing bump and deep emerald hue and floral print go hand in hand with a modern baby shower afternoon tea, and is also available in a coral pink.

The Tina dress- perfect dress for a midsummer's Afternoon Tea in the perfect location - Betty Blythe
Marie Claire wears the Tina dress- the perfect outfit for an Afternoon Tea baby shower in the perfect venue, Betty Blythe

Having successfully found the perfect afternoon tea dress, it’s clear we’ve got a perfect venue for an all year round afternoon tea that even the good old British weather couldn’t ruin.

Hidden in a quiet Brook Green backstreet, the café and private tea room, inspired by Hollywood Starlet Betty Blythe pantry has a wardrobe full of chic dress-up clothes, picnic hampers overflowing with vintage accessories and can host parties of up to sixteen guests – great for a Before Baby shower, hen party or any other special get-together with your nearest and dearest.

 Thanks to the Betty Blythe Pantry, Pretty Pregnant for the dresses worn by Amelie, FebeMarie Claire, and Petra , hair & make up artists Nibras and Sandra Hadi, photographer Loraine Ffrench, Martha Yankey and all of our wonderful models, Carla Khan, Marie Claire, Angelica, Febe, Petra, Kelly & Amelie.