Garden Party Baby Shower for Kim Kardashian!

Kim Kardashian’s garden party Baby Shower

It’s the baby shower we’ve all been waiting for….no, not the Duchess’s baby shower! Kim Kardashian’s baby shower of course…and here are all the details…

Kim’s family hosted a beautiful intimate garden party baby shower, with a white colour scheme with floral decoration and an ever so subtle hint of pink (’cause we all know she’s having a girl, even if she won’t say it!) plus delicate hanging floral balls. Guests wore lovely floral headdresses and were suitably attired to match the garden party theme. Kim looked stunning in a floor length Lanvin gown, and was joined by family, friends and fellow celebs Kelly Osbourne and Mel B  and camera-shy dad to be Kanye West even made a reluctant appearance.

Because summer has only just reared it’s head in beautiful Blighty (yay!!!), and let’s be honest, there’s no guarantees that it will last, you can get the outdoor baby shower look, indoors just like Kim with our beautiful afternoon tea Midsummer Tea baby shower, complete with vintage china, rose arch and delicate floral decorations. You can even upgrade and make mum-to-be and guests feel like Grecian goddesses like Kim with spa treatments from professional therapists and make up artists in our Spa Shower package, complete with gorgeous white spa robes for each guest to relax and be pampered in. 

Guests arriving at Kim’s Baby Shower

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Baby showers: Strictly No Men Allowed?

Raj Kundra, Shilpa Shetty and Sarita at the baby shower
Raj Kundra, Shilpa Shetty and Sarita at the baby shower

It seems like we’re not even fresh from the controversy of the gender reveal party, when we’re already faced with yet another crucial baby shower conundrum: should men be allowed at a baby shower?

Recently we’ve been lucky enough to see the baby showers of two uberglam women, Jessica Simpson and Shilpa Shetty. Just a few days ago, Bollywood bombshell Shilpa, well known on this side of the water for her stint on Celebrity Big Brother 2007, held a stylish, star studded high tea style baby shower, hosted by her sister. The bash was attended by her nearest and dearest but husband Raj Kundra, also put in an appearance.

The proud dad-to-be, tweeted a picture of himself with Shilpa and Sarita, actor R Madhavan’s wife and tweeted, “@ActorMadhavan missing you at the baby shower!! I feel like Krishan Kanaya with so many women :).

Similarly at Jessica Simpson’ baby shower, husband to be Eric, popped in for the gift opening and a few baby snaps.

So should partners, or men in general be allowed at a baby shower? It’s great that couples can share the entire pregnancy together, but surely there are some things that are solely the preserve of women, and surely we don’t all want to be seen dressing up in giant nappies in front of our men-friends? On the other hand it is nice to acknowledge that the menfolk did have a bit of a role in the process!

So before you throw your mixed baby shower bash here’s a few tips you might want to consider:

–       There’s no need to scrap the games and forfeits, but it might be nice to think wisely about your choice of games, just in case female guests don’t feel comfortable miming labour in front of your boyfriend/husband and his giggling pals

–       Don’t just invite dad to be, you can also invite his and your significant mates or male family members too, meaning he doesn’t feel so lonely!

–       Male vs female team games could bring an interesting dynamic to the proceedings. Suddenly the battle of the sexes could get very competitive…

–       Keep it light – steer the sentimentality towards the greetings cards and the private “girls only” moments, or better still….

–       Invite men in at the end of the shower or at appropriate moments. When Before Baby hosted star Michelle Heaton’s Pretty in Pink baby shower, her partner Hugh, boyfriends and husbands were asked to judge one of the baby shower games, then were formally invited in towards the end of the party for nibbles and drinks and mingling.

–       If you’re not going to invite men in, but expect them to wait with the handbags and children, at least drop heavy hints as to a place they can all meet up together for some boy bonding (if they know eachother). Otherwise be mindful of timings at your party so that they are not waiting around to pick up wives and girlfriends after the shower if it over runs.

–       A bit of thought in the present department for dad to be might not go amiss. I mean if mum to be will have stretch mark oil and pampering treats a bottle of champagne that the happy couple can share might be nice too?

–       Finally, understand that men, or partners just might not want to come, and rather to have less guests than unwilling ones! Don’t waste time being offended about it. After all, it just means more cupcakes and the cocktails for you…

Do you want a celebrity style baby shower like Shilpa?

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