Before Baby loves….The Baby Planners

If you were thinking, “what next?” after your baby shower, or need a helping hand through the minefield of pregnancy and birth? Look no further…two lovely ladies, Simone and Gemma aka The Baby Planners could be just what you’re looking for!


The Baby Planners image
The Baby Planners – a little helping hand along your pregnancy journey and beyond

The Baby Planners are Simone and Gemma, two Nannies with 20 years of experience between them. They have worked with large families, non-traditional families and families from a mixture of different faiths and cultures, as well as with twins and premature babies.

Gemma and Simone realised that using their expertise, knowledge and excellent contacts within the childcare industry they could provide advice and practical help to new parents, as well as save them time, money and energy when it came to researching products and services.

“From pregnancy to birth, through to that first day at school, The Baby Planners can be with you every step of the way. “

By giving you peace of mind that you have made the right choices for your family The Baby Planners ensure that you have a happy, healthy, worry free pregnancy and can relax and enjoy your new baby.

The Baby Planners know that pregnancy can be an exciting yet overwhelming time, from picking an antenatal class to decorating the nursery to deciding on a birth plan. They offer a wide variety of services to help you have a stress free, relaxing pregnancy.

Based in central London but willing to travel, the Baby-Planners can be with you every step of the way.  Take a peek at their packages on , check out their blog with tips or follow them on twitter and facebook.

Sounds like the perfect thing after your Before Baby baby shower!


Behind the scenes at the Before Baby Photoshoot….

Behind the scenes

At our latest photoshoot, our models talk baby showers, babies and maternity wear in a boutique café, Betty Blythe in West London.

Our models looking stunning at the Betty Blythe Pantry
Our models looking stunning at the Betty Blythe Pantry - from left Angelica, Amelie, Kelly, Carla, Marie Claire, Petra & Febe

As the girls were beautified by fabulous hair and make up artists Nibras and Sandra we had time for a quick chat (and some cupcake eating) before getting down to some serious posing with our fantastic photographer Loraine Ffrench.

“Women with a bump can still look sexy”

Sipping on a milkshake in a gorgeous little alcove of the underground tea room at Betty Blythe, blonde beauty Petra (below) is wearing a vibrant red dress with fabulous ruched butterfly detail from Pretty Pregnant which is perfect for our fun-loving Girls Playground funfair themed baby shower. Pictured below with our another lovely lady in red, Angelica, the pair clearly show that as Angelica says,“…women with a bump can still look sexy.” Angelica has been to a baby shower before in South Africa, but none quite like our amazingly popular Girls Playground theme baby shower.

Angelica & Petra sip on milkshakes
Angelica & Petra wearing Pretty Pregnant's Imogen Butterfly dress sip on Girls Playground milkshakes

Unsurprisingly, the Girls Playground is model Amelie’s favourite baby shower theme too. Complete with vintage pick and mix bar, popcorn, chocolate fountain, milkshakes or cocktails, it’s perfect for the less traditional girl who’s fun at heart – just like our Amelie! She likes the idea of having a baby shower and she’d definitely want “plenty of games and wouldn’t want to take myself too seriously.”

Star Shower: Amelie in Pretty Pregnant's Short Satin dress
Star Shower: Amelie in Pretty Pregnant's Short Satin dress

Amelie’s gorgeous black satin dress from Pretty Pregnant is perfect for a glamorous Star Shower – our makeover package with canapés and cocktails – she loves her dress so much she said wear it even if she wasn’t pregnant, saying that the Pretty Perfect range is …perfect for women working in the city” stylish and versatile, and certainly a far cry from the mumsy ideas of maternity wear she’d imagined.

Febe is now 7 months pregnant and it suits her – she’s wearing a great outfit for the workplace – a wonderful wrap dress by Pretty Pregnant that  comfortably compliments her growing shape, Luckily for her, she’s escaped the trials of morning sickness and has a wonderfully stress-free pregnancy, and is looking forward to being a mum and bringing in the new year her bundle of joy. Febe was worried that maternity clothes could look frumpy, but we think she looked amazing in this outfit – it’s great for everyday wear or even a Midweek Mini office baby shower.

Carla tucks into our Gender Reveal cake
Carla tucks into our Gender Reveal cake

Just before having a slice of baby blue gender reveal cake, we caught up with model Carla who told us she’d never been to a baby shower before, but likes the idea of having a Spa Shower with pampering for mum and guests to perk up a pregnancy: saying, “it’s nice to have some pampering for Mum – I’d pick one for myself.”

Febe in the Emma Dress - Midweek Mini: office baby shower
Febe in the Emma Dress - Midweek Mini: office baby shower

Baby Shower Afternoon Tea: The perfect dress, the perfect venue

Kelly, says, ‘I love the outfits – there’s so much more choice for women now when it comes to maternity clothes. Well dressed pregnant women look amazing!” She’s a big fan of our Midsummer Tea baby shower, is ideal for a traditional British take on a traditional baby shower, and fits the surroundings at Betty Blythe perfectly.

We’ve also officially found our ideal dress for baby shower afternoon tea – the beautiful Marie Claire wears the stunning Tina dress by Pretty Pregnant below. We absolutely love the botanical print -the fabric perfectly compliments a growing bump and deep emerald hue and floral print go hand in hand with a modern baby shower afternoon tea, and is also available in a coral pink.

The Tina dress- perfect dress for a midsummer's Afternoon Tea in the perfect location - Betty Blythe
Marie Claire wears the Tina dress- the perfect outfit for an Afternoon Tea baby shower in the perfect venue, Betty Blythe

Having successfully found the perfect afternoon tea dress, it’s clear we’ve got a perfect venue for an all year round afternoon tea that even the good old British weather couldn’t ruin.

Hidden in a quiet Brook Green backstreet, the café and private tea room, inspired by Hollywood Starlet Betty Blythe pantry has a wardrobe full of chic dress-up clothes, picnic hampers overflowing with vintage accessories and can host parties of up to sixteen guests – great for a Before Baby shower, hen party or any other special get-together with your nearest and dearest.

 Thanks to the Betty Blythe Pantry, Pretty Pregnant for the dresses worn by Amelie, FebeMarie Claire, and Petra , hair & make up artists Nibras and Sandra Hadi, photographer Loraine Ffrench, Martha Yankey and all of our wonderful models, Carla Khan, Marie Claire, Angelica, Febe, Petra, Kelly & Amelie.

A blissful birth? It’s all in the planning…

We’ve scoured the web, asked mums, midwives, and mums-to-be and used our own experiences to come up with a list of unanimously great and useful essentials that mum-to-be must have for a beautiful and blissful labour.

We say that half of loving your labour is in the planning, (the other half is probably down to a calm attitude, luck and prayer), so don’t be caught out by leaving packing your bag to the last minute! Most importantly, don’t leave it to chance and let someone else pack it for you. Stressed boyfriend /husband /best friend packing hospital bag = angry woman in labour…a situation to be avoided at all costs, for your sanity and their safety….

Before Baby Love Your Labour Birthing Bag
The ultimate pre-packed hospital bag for a luxurious labour!The Birthing Bag is beautifully presented, making it a perfect gift for a baby shower or just to yourself!

 So what would we recommend for a blissful birth? Here’s a list of our maternity must-have’s for labour…

  • Maternity nightdress and dressing gown set – Make sure this is comfortable enough for easy access breastfeeding (Baggy t-shirts will never do the trick and could prove awkward for you and any visitors in the hospital.) This is a great investment as a well chosen supersoft cotton stretchy ensemble will take you through pregnancy comfortably with your growing bump, will be smart for the hospital, and allow for months of easy access breastfeeding after birth.
  • Slippers – for all of that moving around you’ll be doing round the delivery room!
  • Maternity pads – we recommend at least a pack or two of long, soft and absorbent towels!
  • Towel and toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, soap, lotion, facial moisturiser, deodorising wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste and large towel
  • Hairbrush, hairband and flannel– there is nothing worse than being hot, and sweaty with hair on your face so make sure you take a few bands to tie back hair and a damp flannel for your face
  • Labour massage oil– It’s about time your partner shared the hard work – make them feel useful by handing them a natural labour massage oil and letting them massage the areas that need it. In particular, Midwives have touted lavender & clary sage as found in our Birthing Oil as a special miracle pain relieving blend for labour, used for centuries to help ease pain and act as a uterine stimulant. Plus massage is a proven form of natural pain relief. We say it’s a must have: anything that could naturally help the pain gets our vote!
  • Cooling and refreshing spray – a labour mist spray is a maternity must have – you will get hot and bothered and our Birthing Mist is a blend perfect for labour. Just keep in the fridge till around your due date, and apply a natural blend of pure soothing neroli orange blossom and hormone balancing geranium. It smells so good you’ll want to use it all the time (trust us on this!) and can be spritzed on sheets, face or body for instant energizing.
  • Maternity knickers – disposables or dark coloured are great for the hospital
  • Breast pads – just in case your milk comes through, a couple of pairs of disposable breast pads might come in handy to save
  • Lip salve  – Gas and air are a killer on the lips, so to ease dryness, take a fresh lipbalm to moisten. Our natural blend contains peppermint and shea butter to help ease any labour sickness.

So that’s everything for mum-to-be…all you’ve got to do is add in a beautiful newborn layette set of your choice (make sure it includes a hat/booties and mitts) , nappies,  blanket, cotton wool for cleaning and wiping, plus the all important bits you’d never forget – a camera to catch those memories, birth plan, partner and  a relaxed attitude) and you’re good to go!

Just so you’ve got one less thing to worry about, we’ve put all of the listed items for mum-to-be together for you in our luxury prepacked Love Your Labour Birthing Bag so that you can simply relax, revive, and refresh in labour with no hassle. It’s one less thing to worry about, leaving you time to concentrate on the important stuff: (being excited about your new arrival/ working out how to use your birthing ball/ choosing baby’s first outfit/ practicing your pelvic floor exercises!)

Best of luck, and we hope you love your labour!

Before Baby x

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