It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas…

DSC_0701So we’ve got a Christmas cracker of a deal in store for you! Today we are pleased to launch our new seasonal theme: the Christmas Baby Shower.

If you or a special mum to be is expecting a new arrival in the festive season, our unique Christmas themed baby shower could be just what you’re looking for. This package, exclusive to Before Baby is what we have affectionately termed out “winter wonderland on wheels”- as we’ve laid out a Yuletide extravaganza on our new vintage Victorian party cart. Candy canes, gingerbread, cinnamon popcorn, Stollen, gourmet Christmas cupcakes and minced pies with vanilla cream are just for starters, not to mention a festive inspired sandwich selection (turkey & cranberry sauce rolls anyone?) alcohol free bucks fizz and sweeties galore styled in gorgeous vintage bottles.

Complete with holly and ivy decoration and bunting, alcohol free mulled wine in custom bottles with stripy straws (because we seriously cannot get enough of these!) and Christmas themed gift favour bags full of treats for each guest there’s probably just one thing missing: stocking-fulls of fun – so of course we haven’t forgotten to include 2 baby shower games and a warm up (with a Christmas twist of course).

And because it’s the festive season, we thought we’d spread a little Christmas cheer with a starting price of just £295 for 10 guests at weekend and £255 for parties taking place from Monday to Thursday! There’s very little availability for this one so check it out online now!


Music to our ears: Baby shower invitations the Kim and Kanye way!

Kim Kardashian’s musical baby shower invitations

As the world eagerly awaits the royal baby, it appears there could be a celebrity princess on the way in the form of a little girl for reality TV star Kim Kardashian and hip hop artist Kanye West, if their pink baby shower invitations are to go by!

In true Kim K style, Kim’s invitations were out of the ordinary – so we’re guessing it will be no ordinary baby shower! Though the sex of baby is yet to be revealed, the invitations included pink hinting strongly at the baby’s sex, and clearly dad-to-be’s career may have played a key part in their masterminding as the invitations came in music boxes, with spinning ballerinas dancing to Kanye’s song “Hey Mama”. Have a listen!

Unfortunately, Kim and Kanye weren’t the first to to inject a little music into their baby shower invitations – we’ve always loved helping guests make their parties personally unique and their invitations unforgettable. So if you’re looking for a great way to inform your guests of your bump bash, whilst musical spinning boxes may be reserve of celebrities, at Before Baby you can surprise your guests with a personalised online invitation with your own make like “Kimye” and include a video or song directly on your invitation page so guests can be serenaded whilst they reply, or let us host a baby shower karaoke game at the party!

Apart from being uber-flash, it’s a great way to manage your party guestlist as all the RSVP’s can be made online confidentially and fly straight to your inbox and can even include links to your facebook page, wishlist ideas and discounts on our fabulous baby shower gifts, maps to your venue or home and an online message board for comments from your well wishers and to update guests with all the party details. Pages can also include a photo of yourself, or even your scan photo!


What’s more, a custom themed online invitation page is included completely free of charge with all of our baby shower packages! We also provide beautiful handmade and personalised invitations from just £1.80 per guest too if you’d like to keep it traditional and surprise guests by post.

The baby shower plans have not yet been revealed, but fellow musical mums-to-be Beyonce and Fergie are on the guest list. The party hostesses Kim’s mother Kris Jenner and eldest sisters Kourtney and Khloe have hinted to guests to attend wearing “garden chic” – perhaps a beautiful afternoon tea party is in order to celebrate the summertime new arrival we think… perhaps they’ve had a sneaky peek at our fabulous Midsummer Tea party package for ideas!

For a Kim Kardashian inspired baby shower afternoon tea , check out our Midsummer Tea and Spa Shower packages both including afternoon tea, games, and free personalised online invitation page service.

In honour of dads & dads to be…

Grammer’s Boss co-stars Kathleen Robertson, Sanaa Lathan, Jonathan Groff and Hannah Ware at Kayte Grammers baby shower
Kelsey Grammer’s Boss co-stars Kathleen Robertson, Sanaa Lathan, Jonathan Groff and Hannah Ware at Kayte Grammer’s baby shower a few days ago

As it was Fathers day yesterday, what better way to celebrate great dads and dads to be by taking a sneaky peek into the lives of some fabulous expectant celeb fathers at their baby showers.

Recently we’ve seen celebrity fathers splashing the cash to celebrate their new arrivals and organizing and hosting extravagant baby showers for their partners, a role usually reserved for mums, aunties and best friends.

This week, former Frasier star Kelsey Grammer organized a beer-filled baby shower bash for fourth wife Kayte Grammer in a Chicago bar. Guests had mocktails and champagne Not only did he organize the shower, he even indulged in baby shower games with guests.

“Kelsey and Kayte were so cute together–he helped her open every gift!” “He was by her side the entire time. He was totally into it, everyone seemed like a big cute family.” a source said.

Just a month ago, we also saw dad Scott Disick throw second time mum-to-be Kourtney Kardashian one of two baby showers in an upmarket restaurant in NYC, who partied with guests (then disappeared to drink beer at the bar with mates!). Could this be a new dad-to-be trend? Admittedly, every man isn’t the baby shower type but it’s great to see dads-to-be spoiling the ladies in their lives and so excited about their future bundles of joy!

We hope all you new dads and wonderful dads-to-be had a lovely day yesterday, and for those dads thinking of showering a soon to be mummy with baby shower love (I mean, it’s only right she gets of pampering since she has to experience the pain of childbirth soon!), logon to where we’ve got tons of ways that you can celebrate a new arrival, with complete party packages for the lady in your life at home or work from just £14.99pp…

California Dreaming…of having a Kourtney Kardashian Style Second Baby Shower

We have to admit,we were a tad disappointed when Kourtney Kardashian held a present free,

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and baby Mason at Kourtney’s second baby shower

game free baby shower a fortnight ago. So we were very happy that our faith in Kardashian extravagance was restored at her second baby shower last week. Yes, SECOND baby shower.

In California where the sun shines, money flows, and

Kourtney Kardashian at her second baby shower last week

pregnancies are always perfect, it didn’t at all seem extravagant for Kourtney to have a second (arguably superior) shower, that truly outdid the first in every way.

This time planned by her sisters, with a 90 strong guest list of friends and family, guests arrived to pink and white decorationsa traditional pink party for her impending baby girl in a colour scheme akin to our Pretty in Pink Baby Shower, enjoyed by Michelle Heaton & celebrity guests Katie Price & Sian Welby. Not only that, Kourtney’s guests  dined on sandwiches and sushi, played games, entered with piles of gifts, and left with favour bags full of goodies. A pretty good party in our opinion, but seriously, two baby showers in a fortnight? Only in California…! But as they would say in humble (?) Essex English – we have to admit we’re well jel.

Thinking Pink for your Baby Shower with star style? Then you’ve got loads of options to help you celebrate your new 

baby girl like a celebrity:

  •  a pink afternoon tea style baby shower as enjoyed by  Victoria Beckham – a bespoke variation on our Midsummer Tea, with teatime treats served on a mixture of pink vintage china
  • a Pretty in Pink baby shower like Michelle Heaton with candy stripe canopy and colour coordinated pick and mix sweetie bar
  • a pink Midweek Mini baby shower, as seen in the Daily Mirror ‘s Celebs on Sunday magazine – with cupcakes and cocktails

Cookies and Cream – our sweet new crush…

It’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here – the newest addition to our baby shower package family, a neutral theme baby shower to satisfy every expectant mum’s cookie cravings!

My poor partner and best friend have had the misfortune to have had to listen to the hours of planning (deliberating over shot glasses and shades of tissue paper) to get this theme just right for weeks now so they’ll be pleased to hear that this baby has finally been born and Cookies and Cream is officially here.

Mostly in response to popular demand, and partly because I just love cookies (and I’m not pregnant so I don’t have an excuse 🙂 ), I knew it was high time to launch another neutral theme. Our take on Cookies and Cream, like Midsummer Tea and Girls Playground has a soft gender indifferent colour scheme. The combination of ivory, tan and chocolate just oozes sophistication and guests won’t be able to detect even a hint of “it’s a boy/girl”- great if you’re keeping baby’s gender under wraps or just want to wait for the surprise.

So what does our Cookies and Cream Baby Shower package include?

• A fantastic cookie buffet bar – think giant gingerbread teddies, oat crunchies, ginger thins, shortbread and choccy dodgers. Cookies are the new pick and mix!

Chocolate Milk Shots with Mikado biscuit straws...alcohol free loveliness
Chocolate Milk Shots with Mikado biscuit straws...alcohol free loveliness

• A beige and ivory candy stripe canopy, plus chocolate and cream coloured paperpoms

Brown paper bags - perfect for filling with leftover cookies
Brown paper bags - perfect for filling with leftover cookies

• Mini oreo ice cream sundaes and self service topping bar with mini marshmallows, chocolate buttons and milk bottles – yum!

• Chocolate milkshakes served in shot glasses with biscuit straws

• Cupcakes (of course!) – we opted for mini cupcakes with Vanilla and Chocolate buttercream

• Our signature homestyle lemonade in mini milk bottles – (no theme would be complete without them!) These ones come with adorable personalized scalloped hang tags made from brown paper and twine

• Brown paper favour bags with heart wooden tags including marshmallow popcorn and other delights.

Expert Blogger Ruth loved our Cookies and Cream shower
Expert Blogger Ruth loved our Cookies and Cream shower and cookie inspired treats!

We were lucky enough to road test our new theme on expert blogger and mum-to-be Ruth Knowles AKA rocknrollerbaby and she was thrilled with our biscuit themed bash! She loved our personal touches and you can read her full review in her award nominated blog.

So what’s next in our bag of baby shower tricks….? We’ve got some top secret games, new props and activities to launch which are exclusive to Before Baby packages so watch this space, and if you like our themes, follow us for more pictures on Facebook and Pinterest. Don’t forget to follow Ruth’s family blog too!

Ruth at her Cookies and Cream baby shower
Ruth at her Cookies and Cream baby shower!

Baby Showers: Once is fine…but is twice a crime?

 With the fantastic news of yummy mummy Kourtney Kardashian getting ready for another addition to the family, we’re eager to see she’ll negotiate the most controversial of baby shower conundrums: will she have a shower for baby number two?

 In some circles, it’s a question of etiquette – it seems when it comes to baby showers that once is fine, but twice is a crime. In celebville, where money is plentiful and parties are thrown for the drop of a hat, there’s no problem with a little extravagance and fanfare to celebrate a second, but in everyday life, should you be bringing in the new birth with bells on again?

There’s no doubt, every new baby is a blessing, and deserves to be celebrated. And in some cases, there is often a reason that might seem to makes a second baby shower a necessity. There’s nothing lovelier than sharing the joy of the “miracle” babies they never thought they’d ever conceive… celebrating the baby girl she’s been wanting forever to balance out her boys, the excitement of a new birth after a miscarriage or the first child with a new partner. It seems then, it’s not a question of should you or shouldn’t you shower, it’s of just how you shower…

Here are a few tips for showering second/third/or even fourth time mums to be…

  • Hold a Baby Sprinkle – a US name for a baby shower where mum to be receives essentials such as nappies and wipes.  Simply perfecting the gift list or emphasizing that presents aren’t the emphasis will make it feel less tacky, and event the most seasoned mum veterans must have something they need to replace…new feeding bottles, dummies or even money towards a double buggy will not go unappreciated. If the baby is a different gender to the first child, then new clothes may also be welcomed.
  • Hold a Baby Shower for charity – follow the likes of Alyssa Milano and Jessica Alba and give back to those less fortunate to a charity of your choice. This is not just for celebs…it’s a wonderful way to celebrate your birth whilst helping others.
  • Gender reveal cake
    For something different try a gender reveal party with cake...

    Hold a Gender Reveal party –  time for something a little bit different…–with number two
    it’s always interesting to see if mum will balance the brood with a baby of the opposite sex or have another of the same gender. Give guests something to wonder about by keeping the sex of the baby secret until the shower, or even finding a way to keep it from mum to be and revealing with a cake cutting at the ceremony. With our gender reveal cakes, when the cake is cut, the colour of the frosting or sponge will reveal the sex of your baby to your expectant guests! Invite your guests for cake and cocktails, bet on the sex before the reveal and brainstorm about baby names if you like!

  • Hold a Sip and See – what’s that you may ask? Originating in the Southern US of A, a baby shower after the birth is a common event, where friends and family gather to sip champagne (when mum can finally enjoy it) and loved ones can see the new baby (get it…. sip and see?) A baby shower does not have to be before baby…it can be after baby too, and this way mum gets all the visits out of the way in one go, leaving her time to get on with the other joys (?) of motherhood. Remember though that this should be done when mum is really ready, and is happy that baby won’t feel exposed to germs from visitors etc, and this is great as mum for mums that don’t want to celebrate until baby is safely delivered and in their arms at home.
  • Hold a Mum Shower – although baby showers are meant to be about mum, often she gets forgotten…bring a bit of much needed glitz and glamour into her life with a pampering spa shower or makeover Star Shower with her nearest and dearest at the shower and ensure gifts are only for mum-to-be, not baby. Feeling generous? You could even take it a step further and get dad to be a gift too.
  • Don’t be afraid to cut out the convention – swap the traditional trademarks of a shower: e.g. giftlists, games, and girl-only guestlists in favour of activities at the shower and involving daddy, menfriends and kids. Ensure guests don’t feel expected to contribute with presents but just are coming to join in the celebration. Hold fun activities that all can get involved in….thus keeping it low key, low cost and family focused… We love patchwork quilting, bump and face painting, for a relaxed shower with kids, and storybook making or babygro decorating for co-ed showers. For theme, our Girls Playground shower isn’t just for the girls, with colourful funfair theme, strictly non-girly invitations and decorations it ‘s both fun and accessible for anyone that’s just a big or little kid at heart.

Before Baby hosts Stacey Solomon’s Girls Playground Baby Shower!

Stacey Solomon's Girls Playground Baby Shower by Before Baby
Stacey Solomon's Girls Playground Baby Shower by Before Baby

This weekend, Before Baby hosted a surprise baby shower for singer & ‘I’m a Celebrity’ Jungle Queen Stacey Solomon. The  mum of one, who is as renowned for the voice that got her to the X Factor finals as much as for her bubbly Essex charm got together with more than 30 close friends and family for a private baby shower at her home to celebrate her new arrival.

A table of sweet delights!
A table of sweet delights! Candy, cupcakes, lemonade & lollipops!
Stacey had her bump painted by make up artist Nibras as one of our baby shower activities
Stacey had her bump painted by make up artist Nibras as one of our baby shower activities

Stacey’s been determined not to let the sex of her baby slip, so we kept the theme neutral and fun with our exclusive but ever-popular Girls Playground shower  – the funfair themed party was perfect for fun-loving Stacey and her lively friends and family.

Stacey couldn’t hide her surprise as a crowd of her friends and loved ones, balloons, bunting and the aroma of hot fresh popcorn greeted her on arrival, whilst inside, the glowing mum-to-be and guests sipped on our signature Before Baby alcohol free Lynchberg Lemonades in personalized bottles,  as well as had their pick of beautiful red cupcakes by La Tentation and popcorn. A full pick and mix sweetie bar, loaded with marshmallows, candy canes, rock dummies,  and personalized lollipops were there for Stacey and her loved ones to tuck into – a great mid-afternoon pick me up (or should we say sugar rush?) – perfect for providing everyone with a little bit of a boost to kick start the bumper selection of baby shower games we had in store.

A candy shop full of sweet delights, part of our Girls Playground theme package
A pick and mix candy shop, part of our Girls Playground theme package

A traditional baby clothes decorating activity eased guests into the fun, but rest assured in true Before Baby style it soon got very messy (and noisy!) with a naughty but nice obstacle course forcing Stacey & guests to test their motherly skills, speed and agility. Finally, make up artist nibras beautified Stacey’s bump with a beautiful design of a candy stripe cupcake. Stacey was showered with gifts from her loved ones, and was clearly glowing and very excited about her pregnancy .

We’re over the moon that Stacey enjoyed her day so much and wish her, Aaron, Zachary & family the best of luck.

Our baby shower game winners strike a post!
Our baby Shower game winners strike a post!

 If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary for an extraordinarily special mum-to-be, our Girls Playground Baby Shower package is unique to Before Baby and is perfect for the young at heart.  It includes a pick and mix bar, mocktails, fresh hot dogs, hot popcorn and cupcakes, as well as the essential decorations, invitation and favours & games including bump painting or baby clothes decorating run by our team. Prices start from just £14pp

More exclusive photos and videos from Stacey’s baby shower on our Facebook page 

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