A blissful birth? It’s all in the planning…

We’ve scoured the web, asked mums, midwives, and mums-to-be and used our own experiences to come up with a list of unanimously great and useful essentials that mum-to-be must have for a beautiful and blissful labour.

We say that half of loving your labour is in the planning, (the other half is probably down to a calm attitude, luck and prayer), so don’t be caught out by leaving packing your bag to the last minute! Most importantly, don’t leave it to chance and let someone else pack it for you. Stressed boyfriend /husband /best friend packing hospital bag = angry woman in labour…a situation to be avoided at all costs, for your sanity and their safety….

Before Baby Love Your Labour Birthing Bag
The ultimate pre-packed hospital bag for a luxurious labour!The Birthing Bag is beautifully presented, making it a perfect gift for a baby shower or just to yourself!

 So what would we recommend for a blissful birth? Here’s a list of our maternity must-have’s for labour…

  • Maternity nightdress and dressing gown set – Make sure this is comfortable enough for easy access breastfeeding (Baggy t-shirts will never do the trick and could prove awkward for you and any visitors in the hospital.) This is a great investment as a well chosen supersoft cotton stretchy ensemble will take you through pregnancy comfortably with your growing bump, will be smart for the hospital, and allow for months of easy access breastfeeding after birth.
  • Slippers – for all of that moving around you’ll be doing round the delivery room!
  • Maternity pads – we recommend at least a pack or two of long, soft and absorbent towels!
  • Towel and toiletries – shampoo, conditioner, bodywash, soap, lotion, facial moisturiser, deodorising wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste and large towel
  • Hairbrush, hairband and flannel– there is nothing worse than being hot, and sweaty with hair on your face so make sure you take a few bands to tie back hair and a damp flannel for your face
  • Labour massage oil– It’s about time your partner shared the hard work – make them feel useful by handing them a natural labour massage oil and letting them massage the areas that need it. In particular, Midwives have touted lavender & clary sage as found in our Birthing Oil as a special miracle pain relieving blend for labour, used for centuries to help ease pain and act as a uterine stimulant. Plus massage is a proven form of natural pain relief. We say it’s a must have: anything that could naturally help the pain gets our vote!
  • Cooling and refreshing spray – a labour mist spray is a maternity must have – you will get hot and bothered and our Birthing Mist is a blend perfect for labour. Just keep in the fridge till around your due date, and apply a natural blend of pure soothing neroli orange blossom and hormone balancing geranium. It smells so good you’ll want to use it all the time (trust us on this!) and can be spritzed on sheets, face or body for instant energizing.
  • Maternity knickers – disposables or dark coloured are great for the hospital
  • Breast pads – just in case your milk comes through, a couple of pairs of disposable breast pads might come in handy to save
  • Lip salve  – Gas and air are a killer on the lips, so to ease dryness, take a fresh lipbalm to moisten. Our natural blend contains peppermint and shea butter to help ease any labour sickness.

So that’s everything for mum-to-be…all you’ve got to do is add in a beautiful newborn layette set of your choice (make sure it includes a hat/booties and mitts) , nappies,  blanket, cotton wool for cleaning and wiping, plus the all important bits you’d never forget – a camera to catch those memories, birth plan, partner and  a relaxed attitude) and you’re good to go!

Just so you’ve got one less thing to worry about, we’ve put all of the listed items for mum-to-be together for you in our luxury prepacked Love Your Labour Birthing Bag so that you can simply relax, revive, and refresh in labour with no hassle. It’s one less thing to worry about, leaving you time to concentrate on the important stuff: (being excited about your new arrival/ working out how to use your birthing ball/ choosing baby’s first outfit/ practicing your pelvic floor exercises!)

Best of luck, and we hope you love your labour!

Before Baby x

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